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Sound Land established in 1975 is a professional foundry with more than 40 years of development and production OEM experience. Early have development production of microphone-related products. Committed to electronic musical instruments and sound class, the company is a joint venture with Roland Corp. of Japan and is authorized to produce certain products such as "Roland" and "BOSS". The product range includes electric guitar effects, Digital Sound Processor, digital recorders, digital mixers, digital audio mixers, amplifiers and other audio instruments related products. In 2001 start produce 2D3D engraving machines, NC machine tool. In 2015 we created our own brand known as “Maker Hart”. Develop and produce personal smart phone mixing devices and use e-commerce, Amazon to sell worldwide. In 2018 we signed agreement with Roland to change the company name to Sound Land Corp. and become an independent professional Music instruments manufacture. So far, we have also assisted in the production of industrial computer peripheral products and well-known Bluetooth anti-noise headphones. We have the most complete supply chain system, from plastic injection, metal sheet metal, NC processing, lathe cutting and washing, surface treatment, baking paint, all projects have from professional cooperation factory can provide high-quality parts. Also we have a complete production process, from ERP material management and control, SMT LINE, DIP LINE, assembly line assembly, CELL assembly, one-person workstation, packing, shipping, and all processes can be one stop service in the factory. Beside all the process system, we also invested in many infrastructure and systems. In addition to ISO9000, there are standard production lines and peripheral related equipment that fully correspond to ESD protection, and SMT LINE is built in a clean room to provide the best quality products to guests. In addition, we also design a set of cloud app system for product history management; it can provide all production line information to supervisors or customers instantly. We also design AGV unmanned vans and cloud dispatch systems to assist all handling operations which can connect with the elevator system, dispatch the elevator yourself, and move across floors. All systems have been applied in the factory.