ES-2020 electronic stethoscope is a single-channel hand-held cardio-pulmonary assisted stethoscope.
Even if the medical staffs wear isolation gowns, they can clearly hear the patient's heart and breathe sounds.

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Three Modes

Heart sound-20~200Hz / lung sound-100~1000Hz / full frequency-20~1200Hz

Audio Output

Use 3.5mm audio jack to drive active display speaker/external headphone.

Bluetooth Output(Optional)

can use Bluetooth to transmit sound to a computer/mobile phone.

Light Signal

Clear status indicator display, such as battery indicator, Bluetooth pairing,Heart sound mode indicator, lung sound mode indicator.

Service items

The company starts from R&D and complete ODM, OEM service, including: SMT, DIP, testing, burn-in, assembly, etc.

Origin and development
Origin and development of Ibiomedi Over 40 years of sound-related R&D and OEM production From the early days.

ibiomedi independently developed, designed and produced microphone-related products, guitar effects, sound processors, digital recorders, digital mixers, digital audio-visual mixers and other audio musical instruments related products.

Therefore, we also use a variety of new sensors and Arduino, and combined with the interconnection applications of Bluetooth MIDI and App, custom-developed various sound-related instruments, which are conducive to medical and agricultural applications.

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Event News

Provide the latest exhibition information and official website news